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Many linguists say: “Hungarian language is the second most difficult language in the world”.
Imagine living or visiting Budapest as an Expat or a tourist how challanging could be if you don’t know what are the shops and services able to speak English.Unsplash

Why being a foreigner should mean to be constantly living in a different circle of bars, restaurants or beauty salons where the prices are higher just because they actually advertise their English speaking personnel and they are located in the core of the city center?

Budapest is still a very cheap European capital topicjumbo.com leave compared to others and it means actually helping the city to fight speculation and to promote all the local services and businesses that are happy to have you as a customer.

New or not in Budapest, don’t you feel the challenge everytime you try to surf some local daily deals website and you can’t really understand anything or you miss some details because of the language?

We are sure that very soon you will be a fluent Hungarian speaker but meanwhile we are happy to help you with Budapon!Pixabay

With Budapon there is no language barrier. It is plain English and obviusly also our partners will warmly welcome trying to support this language requirement at their best.Unsplash

Tons of restaurants, coffe places, Healthcare & Educational services, Beauty and Wellness and many other businesses are waiting for you with special limited discounts and daily deals on Budapon.com



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